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Welcome to the Broken Worlds Wiki, a guide to our role-playing server, written and maintained by our players.
Our unique settings, changing maps and memorable characters have helped us last for over 7 years!

1 users have created 305 articles. With 5,957 edits since May 2017.

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Our Current World

Stay tuned for more World 4 information soon!

BWRP World 4 Spoiler video

BWRP World 4 Spoiler video

Previous Worlds
Headglobe Headglobe Headglobe
World 3 World 2 World 1
BWRP didn't just spring up out of the earth fully formed with a big community like we have now. Below you'll find some info about the server we were born from, named Dwarf Fortress RP. DFRP was disbanded shortly before or after (it's a long story) our beloved BWRP came to life.

See what we remember of those times here:

Headglobe DFRP World 9 Headglobe DFRP World 8 Headglobe DFRP World 7 Headglobe DFRP World 6 Headglobe DFRP World 5 Headglobe DFRP World 4 Headglobe DFRP World 3 Headglobe DFRP World 2 Headglobe DFRP World 1
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