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Headglobe.jpg This page contains information about a previous world of BWRP! The information displayed on this page is historical and not relevant to current lore and play. For updated information, check our current website or wiki page!
"Before the other races had even set eyes on the island, the Elves had a history spanning thousands of years."
~on the Burning Of Haven.


The Elves had populated the world for countless years, their numbers split into two groups; High Elves and Wood Elves.

As their populations grew, occasionally new settlements would have to be founded. An unknown number of Wood Elves established a colony that would become known as Haven, on the western shores of an unnamed continent.

With them, a small number of High Elves, including their ruler; King Weismyr, known as 'The Dragon'.


Unknown to the Elves, a small number of Kobolds had snuck onto one of their ships and, upon landing, escaped into the new land.

Due to the Kobolds lack of writing skills, they would forget this detail and remember themselves as the only true natives of the continent.

Burning Of Haven

As the Elves slowly grew in numbers and harvested the riches of the land, their power increased. King Weismyr, ever arrogant, claimed himself to be the most powerful being in the realm.

Unbeknownst to the Dragon, he was not the only one to have that name. A number of Dragons had lived on the continent since time-immemorial; their greed and hubris knowing no bounds and they would not suffer Weismyr to challenge them.

Flying over in vast numbers, they torched the city of Haven and the surrounding woodland, killing great numbers of Elves, including the King.

The Great Sleep

Fearing the total destruction of his people, the son of the Dragon; Prince Weismyr, led the survivors deep underground and, in a strange ritual, sent them to sleep for a thousand years, so that they may wake again when the land had healed.

When a millennia has passed, the Elves slowly started to wake up under the city of Haven, which had now completely overgrown. Prince Weismyr took rule of the realm and the Elves started to rebuild.

However, others had lain eyes on the island while the Elves slumbered and they woke to find themselves with company on the continent...