Novice Skills


On start each player will have access to a skill pool to select skills from. They will be able to select two skills from the available pool.


Skill Description
Thrust A piercing attack that damages opponents and knocks them back.
Cleave A cleave that damages opponents within range and knocks them back.
Daze A close-quarters skills that slows and disorients a target.
Quickshot An arrow that deals a small amount of damage.
Field Medic A slow channeled heal for allies. Capable of restorying them to full health.
Bomb An area denial ability. A tripwire bomb that detonates around movement.
Bear Trap It's a bear trap...
Hard Target A defensive skill that increases defense and protects against projectiles.
Bloodthirst A self-sustaining heal.
Spark Burst A short ranged attack that knocks back opponents and deals damage.
Dart Low, Raw damage projectile with no gravity dropoff.
Force A short range ability to push away foes and deal a small amount of damage.
Medical License This skill shows you have the training to do Medical Roleplay.

Skill Acquisition

Additional skills can be gained by producing content for the community. Guidelines are available for players interested in pursuing event hosting.

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