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"As the heretical armies massed before the walls of the pallid city, the traitor prince Lethis and his cult made one fatal mistake: They believed we would simply wait for death to come to us. We, the remnants of untainted humanity, stood against the demons' in their hellish domain not to die, but to conquer. Now, an eternity of defiance in the plane of madness, we have returned home"
~The Hellmarch Report, final entry.

Lambent Front Humans; champions of the Imeris Peninsula who through virtue and purity fought their way from Hell itself.

Before the Kingdom of Variman was destroyed, it was a land of faith and military might. After the Cult of Eris ravaged the land, the few survivors sacrificed themselves to close the infernal gate the cultists had created, sealing it behind themselves to spare the remainder of the Entente. Or so it was thought. For 15 years, the Lambent Front battled within Hell, losing many and hardening the survivors. When a chance was given to escape, they returned to Imeris to find 80 years passed and Imeris in ruin, forcing them to flee with their remaining allies.


The Hellmarch

The Lambent Front was a military order and the last defense against the Cult of Eris’s push into the human capital. In their final stand, a loyal few steeled themselves to fight to the end, but in a final act of destruction, the servants of Eris conducted a ritual that tore the fabric of reality and cast the whole capital out of the world and into Gehenna.

For 15 years, the Lambent Front battled within Hell, losing many and hardening the survivors. Under the banner of the Lambent Front they guarded their last stronghold, cutting down all that sought to end them. After these 15 harsh years, The Front was able to reopen a portal to the overworld and secured an escape. The greatest of Humanity, including the Prince himself, remained behind to seal the way leaving the rest to return to a vastly different world.

One Voice, Remaining

The Lambent Front was one of the last military orders to survive the war against the Cult of Eris. As a result their society was directed by a rigid military hierarchy. They are an efficient, disciplined, and uncompromising people who despise deception and corruption seek to live virtuously.

With the destruction of much of the old nobility of Variman, their leaders are appointed based on merit, not bloodline. Humans are often extremely specialized in their trades and abilities and chafe at unnecessary delays in important work. .

Strangers At Home

The Humans of the Lambent Front are disconnected from their lives in Imeris. After being thrown to the fires of hell for what they believed was only 15 years, they emerged to their alliance falling to an undead horde now 80 years after they first left. This puts the people of The Front feeling displaced among the rest of the Entente. Sometimes trying to rekindle relationships with their longer lived brethren of the Caeli and Dwarves is difficult.



The Lambent Front adopt names similar to Western European names, mostly German, Dutch or French.


The Humans of Variman practiced the faith of Seskantige Preke, which was centered around the Archons and their Judges. With the destruction of the Houses of the Archons and the Front's flight from Imeris, there is little remaining of the old faith in modern Lambent Society but the memories.


Due to the abrupt arrival in Hell, it was the military orders of old who established a new military hierarchy, which has persisted to this day.

  • Marshall, the leader of the Lambent Front. This rank has been retired.
  • Colonel, the rank directly under the Marshall.
  • Captain, leader of a squadron of men
  • Knight, the usual rank-and-file of the Lambent Front military.
  • Man-At-Arms, new arrivals and militia fall under this rank. It is also used to refer to non-military roles.


  • ~2000 BA, the first temple to the Archons in built in what will become Variman
  • ~1700 BA, the monarchy of Variman is cemented around the descendants of the Prophet Thidrek
  • 1200 BA, the Entente is formed at the Battle of Oldary Rock.
  • 89 BA, the Cult of Eris enters public prominence and drive Variman into Civil War.
  • 80 BA, the Cult of Eris under Prince Lethis pulls Humanity into hell.
  • 0 BA, the Lambent Front reemerges in the ruins of its capital.
  • 0 BA, the Imeris Entente flees the homeland.



Humans can live to around the age of 80, although slightly older cases have been observed. However, many of the humans who fell into hell have returned fairly unchanged for reasons unknown.


Physically, Humans are the same as they have ever been. They range in heights and weights, though on average taller than a Dwarf but shorter than a Caeli.

Hair colours can be blonde, brown, grey and red, but some may choose to dye it. In hell, many had hair in varying shades of red, due to either some kind of demonic influence or pigments in the food and water. Eye colours are the standard blues, greens, browns, blacks, hazels and sometimes grey. Rarer colours have been observed, but are usually seen with an aspect of mistrust.

In Game Appearance

MPM Sliders

The following settings in MPM are assumed to be the average size for the Lambent Front Humans, give or take 15%:

Head: 100/100/100
Body: 100/100/100
Arm: 100/100/100
Leg: 100/100/100