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"What happened to me?"
~Unknown Myriad

Myriad; strange constructs of young life and burning purpose.

The Myriad do not hold a past. If they had one, it is long forgotten to them. At first these hulking constructs seem little more than bulky simpletons, but their naive mindset often fades quickly, picking up both skill and purpose with unmatched speed as they join a community. While they may seem alien to those who have not gotten to know one, myriad can share in many of the experiences that mortals of flesh might endure, and studies of ones who have fallen reveal a metallic anatomy near perfectly mirroring that of other mortals.


The Long Sleep

The Myriad are natives to Nebelloren, but it is only recently that they awoke from their Long Sleep to walk upon the earth. Several Myriad upon awakening even traveled to the landing site of the Entente, filled with a strange drive to fulfill some unknown purpose. 

Myriad retain little of whatever might be considered their former lives, with most holding only fragmentary, dream-like memories of the time before the Long Sleep. As for the Long Sleep itself, those who recall it remember the slow passage of time as they awaited some unknown moment to come, watching the world as nature expanded, seasons past, and the world changed.

Robust Framework

Main article: Myriad Anatomy

The Myriad are sentient automatons composed entirely of a homogeneous, flexible metal that defies understanding which seemingly has no natural origin and no clear method of creation via alloying. While this metal is primarily gray, discoloration into shades of brown and others have been noted. The origin of the Myriad is unknown, even to the Myriad themselves, and though they are haunted by faint memories of what came before the Long Sleep. Myriad are structurally humanoid and they experience strong yet simple emotions and aspirations that often belie their keen intellect.

Cog of The Great Clockwork

Beings forged with no other purpose but to be, in the pursuit of meaning the Myriad will integrate themselves into the societies and organizational structures of organic beings around them, adopting secondary purposes as their own interests in the natural world and the needs of the groups that they join them arise.


Naming Conventions

Myriad tend to enter communities having no name themselves. Quite quickly they'll adopt a simple name to their own tastes. A Myriad may simply adopt a name, or sometimes will be given one as a nickname by people around them. Myriad names can be anything; some relate to their job or purpose, but many will take words they consider pleasing sounding as names.

Example profession names: Hallmark (A smith), Civil (A builder), Rudder (A fisherman), Bastide (A builder)

Example pleasant sounding words: Murky, Alpaca, Well, Quills.


As with much of what might be considered developed culture, Myriad’s do not possess an organized Religion comparable to groups such as the Caeli, Votha or Lambent Front. The closest form of shared experience that may be considered spiritual would be the faintest memories of the time before their Long Sleep. Very little is known about this period, though similarities in these memories include unknown towering cities, opulent and beautiful.


  • ??? BA, the Myriad are created by unknown forces
  • ??? BA, the Long Sleep begins.
  • 0 BA, the first Myriad begin to wake up for unknown reasons
  • 1 AA, the first scouting parties and fleets of the Imeris Entente discover the Myriad.



The true age of the Myriad are unknown, even to them. The Long Sleep left dream-like impressions on the Myriad, and those with a deeper grasp on these “dreams” tend to agree that the Myriad have existed for centuries, if not longer. The maximum age of a Myriad is also unknown, though the wear and tear of time has caused some to not awaken from their dream.


Main article: Myriad Anatomy

Myriad as a whole tend to tower over the average human, with some being taller than even Caeli. They have stocky and powerful builds, and as such tend to have issues passing through the average doorway.

The Myriad are sentient golems composed almost entirely of a homogeneous, semi-flexible metal that defies understanding which seemingly has no natural origin and no clear method of creation via alloying. While this metal is primarily shades of gray, discoloration into shades of brown and others have been noted after their long sleep. Most myriad bear the marks of the terrain where they slept, growths of plants between plates, rocky or crystal formations over them etc.

After introduction to society it's common for Myriad to decorate themselves, whether by curating their plant growths, shaping the rock on them, painting patterns or adopting items of clothing.

The Myriad lack the biological eyes of their organic counterparts, but they have something in their place; indented panels that somehow allow for sensory input, which can vary in colour and size.

In Game Appearance

MPM Sliders

The following settings in MPM are assumed to be the average size for Myriad:

Head: 150/150/150
Body: 150/150/150
Arms: 150/150/150
Leg : 150/150/150