"These pages have been written to help new players get to grips with the server and to make their experience as enjoyable as possible!"
~on the New Player Guide.

The Rules

Our server rules have been created and tweaked over a few years. Some are to help you enjoy your role-playing experience, others are to protect you as a character and a player, whereas some are to help the server itself.

Character Creation

In order to play as a character, you'll first need to make one. Check out our character guide which will help give you all the knowledge you should need to create a fully fleshed-out character.

Role-Playing Guide

Within the world, you will be playing a specific character of your own making and choosing. Their story will be completely up to you, but it is expected that you act and think as though that character would act and think. Read our guide on role-playing for more information.

Community Guidelines

These guidelines are here to express what we wish for everyone to get out of their experience on BWRP. We believe that these guidelines will promote the best enjoyment possible, and encourage members to uphold the quality of gameplay and community for all involved.

In-Game Commands

A detailed breakdown of all the commands available to the players, including chat ranges and actions.

Combat Classes

Our custom classes allow everyone to contribute to combat, with a vast range of mechanical skills available.


Play as a number of different professions, each with their own unique, mechanical skills to help facilitate roleplaying!

Resource Pack

Our custom pack for the server which replaces a handful of items with custom textures.

Server Modpack

Our package of plugins and mods that make our server unique.

Server Staff Structure

Find out about the server hierarchy here.

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