"Our modpack and resource pack are completely optional. You can run the server from a vanilla launcher, or utilise our mods listed below by using the Technic launcher, or similar."
~the Storytellers.

Our server uses a small amount of modpacks and plugins in order to expand the role-playing experience, but without being too heavy on CPU usage. This allows more people with slightly less powerful machines to enjoy the server to its fullest!

The current mods and plugins used are listed below. These are only the ones that will be encountered by the players. For more information on them, please click the links to follow them to their respective sites.


  • MorePlayerModels; allows our players to physically change their models, so they actually look like their races!


  • BoldRoller; gives players the opportunity to roll dice to decide the outcome of an action.
  • Brewery; an extensive brewing plugin, so our players can make their own alcohol and more!
  • ChatRange; talk, whisper, yell and more with the ChatRange plugin.
  • CustomCrafting; our Storytellers and Admins can add custom recipes with this plugin.
  • MythicMobs; bored of the same old mobs? Fight new and much more lethal enemies with MythicMobs.
  • Parties; going hand-in-hand with the SkillAPI plugin, this allows your skills to effect your party members.
  • PhatLoots; with the addition of dungeons, this allows each player to receive randomised loot from chests they may find!
  • DeathChest; when you die, your character dies. It's only fitting that the body stays there too.
  • SkillAPI; a massive plugin, allowing for character classes and skills to be added!
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