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"Praise the Stone. Do not fear the Darkness."
~Dalarin Linkspark.


The Stone Cult existed as an almost-religious Dwarven movement, with members viewing the outside world as 'the Nightmare', instead extolling the virtues of the 'Stone' and all of its benefits.

They would travel from Fortress to Fortress, usually completely underground, spreading their influence and trying to gain more members to their cause.

In some cases, visiting the outside world was a death penalty, especially if those who did so were visibly affected.


It is unknown when or how the Stone Cult was originally founded, all that is known is that it originates from Fortresses and holds that have never seen the light, being built miles underground.

When two members of the Cult entered Noruzim Thakom, they swiftly established a hideaway behind a shop set into the stone. From here, Brother Jaeger and Brother Ornzkund recruited those who could be swayed by their words and slowly grew in number.

When members suspected that Brother Ornzkund was hoarding supplies, mistrust grew amongst the group.

However, due to a slight architectural mishap, the Brothers were exposed to the Nightmare. Brother Jaeger went mad, screaming about seeing the light, but was swiftly executed by Brother Ornzkund.

Soon after, the remaining cultists would go insane, with the last member, Brother Ornzkund, leaving the Fortress and trying to slay the moon but quickly freezing in the icy tundra.

The Stone Cult would have a semi-resurgence, when the Dwarves of Gishdist Rithzâm took some of the teachings of the Stone Cult and began to incorporate them into their lives in the new Fortress.

The Cult had a presence within Rakust Dosîm, as Dwarves from every realm were gathered to the Fortress. Dalarin Linkspark, along with two of his close friends, founded a secret hideaway within the Fortress in order to grow their numbers.


The hierarchy of the Stone Cult is not known in great detail, with members often referring to each other as 'Brother'. As it is some sort of religious movement, with some greater power organising decisions as to which Dwarves travel where, it can be assumed there are higher ranks.


  • Brother.


No formations within the Stone Cult are known of.


Presumably, some religious teaching is to be expected within members of the Stone Cult.


The usual clothing of the Stone Cult was bland, grey robes, or grey leather tunics. This is most likely to keep with the natural colour of the stone.

Notable Members

  • Brother Jaeger - who was killed after seeing the Nightmare.
  • Brother Ornzkund - who froze to death trying to kill the moon.
  • Dalarin Linkspark - founder of the Stone Cult within Rakust Dosîm.