Broken World RP Wiki
"A massive world with new races, new factions, and all new conflicts. Come one, come all, and stake your claim on the Sea of Wolves!"
~on BW World 2.

World Summary

It's been hundreds of years since any 'true' magic was seen in the world, but small amounts may be grasped; with the appropriate training.

As new races emerge into the world, the unexplored parts of the map are being filled in. Dwarves, Humans and Elves, along with two newer races; the Corvus and the Deep Ones, now intermingle freely in the cities of the world.

As a new island chain, the Sea Of Wolves, is discovered, factions from all over the world race to discover and colonise these new lands.

The militaristic Caldanian Empire, wishing to populate these lands for its greater glory and their rivals, the scholarly City State of Aram, who value knowledge above all, send boats full of colonists over to gain a foothold on the Sea of Wolves.

Following closely behind, is the Grand Fleet, whose ships have sailed the waters for hundreds of years, sail their with their own myriad of goals.

The players find themselves in a massive map, the largest in the history of the server and must establish colonies on the islands for the benefit of their factions.


As the one main event that effected everyone around the world, the emergence of the Dwarves was taken as the baseline to start a new calendar system. BE (Before Emergence) and AE (After Emergence) are the utilised terms.

  • ? BE - At some point in the past, magic begins to lose its potency.
  • 0 AE - The Emergence, in which the Dwarven race starts to discover the 'above-ground'.
  • ? AE - The Corvus start to appear in large numbers around the world.
  • 234 AE - The first siege on Aram.
  • 260 AE - The second siege on Aram.
  • 273 AE - The first official colonisation attempt of the Sea Of Wolves.
  • 276 AE - Present Day
  • 276 AE - Meteor fragments hit the islands of the Sea Of Wolves.
  • 282 AE and onwards - Events leading to the Age Of Spite.


The world itself is known as Aegis, which has not been explored in it's entirety. The 'Mainland' is the name given to the single largest landmass known of, which is not accessible to the player but is encouraged to be involved in their backstory and ongoing lore.

The western part of the mainland is dominated by gigantic mountain ranges, interspersed with plains and forests. To the south of this, the mountains continue in broken chains of crags and rocks that jut from the sea.

The eastern part of the mainland is mostly plains and forests, with chilly tundra in the north and relatively warm lands in the southern areas. To the far north of this is the Shahmoud desert, which has thwarted efforts to be completely mapped and thus no one knows the true extent of the continent in that direction.

Locations Of Interest

The world of Aegis is incredibly large, with almost too many locations and places to list. Instead, any territory owned by a world power will be listed on their respective pages. Other locations, either contested or otherwise, will be listed below.

For more information on player-owned outposts and settlements in the Sea of Wolves, please consult it's page.

Other Locations

  • The Sea Of Wolves - a treacherous area of the southern sea, home to a number of islands and where the player will start.

World Powers

Three main powers constantly fight, trade, plot and scheme against each other, all the while maintaining the delicate balance of a stalemate between them.

  • The Caldanian Empire - a vast, militaristic Empire whose sheer size forces it to keep expanding.
  • City-State of Aram - a small city, walled off from the rest of the world, whose startling knowledge and research has made them a force to be reckoned with.
  • The Grand Fleet - a gigantic network of ships of all shapes and sizes, crewed by explorers, outcasts, criminals and wanderers.