"Escaping the icy apocalypse, the races flee from the last world. Using their various methods, they find new lands, but old grudges die hard."
~on DFRP World 3.

World Summary

As the refugees from the previous world fled their now ice-filled lands, they settled in a new region and began to set up new homes.


  • The Cirdoniel Schism
  • Alliances are broken and the fortress of Bastion falls.
  • A plague breaks out across the land and cures are searched for across the globe.
  • Unforeseen circumstances and experiences gone awry cause the end of the world.


As the map was based on the same world as the previous one, the geography of the region was much more of the same.

Biomes of all types were scattered randomly and attached to each other. To the very east, however, was a large tundra filled section of the map, presumably the borders of the area effected by the Ice Queen.

Locations Of Interest

Capital Cities

  • Dirthill - Dwarven Fortress, named in jest.
  • Cirdoniel - first Elven city.
  • Elysia - grand capital of the Humans.

Settlements And Outposts

  • Bastion - obsidian-clad fortress of the High Elves.
  • Luanport - an Elf settlement populated by survivors of the Schism.
  • Haven - another settlement founded by Elves.
  • Freehaven - a shady town founded by exiles.

Other Locations

  • Lightcross - a small Human fort.

World Powers

Many of the major players and factions were refugees from the Ice Queen's wrath, and being displaced meant that consolidated power and wealth were lost before the world began. It can be surmised that this world was not stable enough to muster a true global power before it ended.

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