"Survivors from the previous world arrive on the shores of the island, having escaped their doom. Forced to live together at first, alliances quickly break down as the races spread across the land."
~on DFRP World 3.

World Summary

The myriad Gods, in their infinite wisdom, decided to save those from the last world. They placed everyone within a nigh-unbreakable vault, whilst they made the world anew.

The races, now emerging into a freshly-made world covered in a foul miasma, must survive together.


When the races emerged from the 'vault', they found the surrounding area covered in a thick miasma, that would kill those who ventured too far. To this end, the city of Rogueport was established; the first attempt at a multi-racial settlement.

Eventually the miasma dissipated and the population was free to travel as they wished. Almost immediately, the races set about building more cities and towns, usually inhabited by the same race.


The geography was a patchwork of various climates and biomes; tundra and swamp intermingled with desert and plains.

It is unknown whether this was the initial state of a newly created world, that would settle into some form of order later on, or whether this was planned by the Gods.

Locations Of Interest

Capital Cities

Settlements And Outposts

  • Everdusk - a library/monastery whose order was dedicated to archiving all.
  • Fireforge - a Dwarven-made research outpost populated by Dwarves and Dark Elves.
  • Sanctum - a Human settlement nestled in a valley.
  • Nazashonol - a Dwarven Fortress built inside a volcano. Otherwise known as 'Bloodmountain'.
  • Durttree - a large treehouse, built by the Kobolds, that later collapsed.
  • Durthill - a Kobold warren built on top of a dragon's lair.

World Powers

It is unknown whether any major world powers survived the re-making of the world.

Download Link

A lot of previous maps have been lost to time, however, this world was one where a save file was found. Click the link below to download it and explore this past world!

Download World 4.

Please note, the world has been saved on Minecraft version 1.12.2.

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