Broken World RP Wiki
"Not much is known of this world..."
~on DFRP World 7.

World Summary

Various races from around the world attempt to colonise areas of this particular region, often resulting in aggressive meetings.


Nothing is known of any world events that happened on this map, other than frequent exchanges of violence between the races.


The region was made up of small regions of varying climates; lush jungles could be seen next to rolling meadows and chilly tundra could be spotted next to harsh deserts.

In this turbulent landscape, the races had established their cities in places that would best suit them.

Locations Of Interest

Capital Cities

  • Hammnstadt - the Human capital in the area.
  • Delthar Lode - a labyrithine Dwarven Fortress.
  • Xohal - a Elven city built on a collection of islands.

Other Locations

  • Boldtower, a gigantic tower constructed by the Kobolds to try and reach their Sun God.
  • Eartholme, an Elven shrine able to resist demonic powers.

World Powers

No world powers were known of in this world.