Broken World RP Wiki
"The longest running world in the history of the server, to date."
~on DFRP World 8.

World Summary

The powers that be send their colonists out to reclaim homes long lost. The Dwarves delve into a old mining outposts, Humans establish a foothold for their Empire on the land, Elves emerge from a mystical trance and the Kobolds believe they were here all along.

This world was the longest running map in the history of the server, so far. In it, the storylines of players merged and collided with effects that no one expected.


  • Wood Elves arrive on the continent, unknowingly bringing the Kobolds with them.
  • An unknown time passes before the Burning of Haven.
  • The Elves enter a thousand-year trance known as the Great Sleep.
  • Dwarves and Humans arrive at the shores of the island.
  • Elves awaken from the Great Sleep at the same time.
  • Races set about building their cities.
  • Southbridge Revolution.
  • The Five terrorise the land.
  • The Elven Prince Weismyr is slain by Tyrean Cyanblade.
  • The First Hellmarch begins.
  • Goblin hordes start to emerge and capture Thror Maddax.
  • The arrival of the new Elven Prince; Eridash Menelith.
  • The Bernassi-Obsidianbeard War begins.
  • The official coronation of Prince Eridash Menelith.
  • The War of Broken Hearts.
  • Abandoning of Noruzim Thakom.
  • Founding of Gishdist Rithzâm.
  • First Siege of Haven.
  • Attack on a Human boat, leading to another feud between Humans and Dwarves.
  • The Second Hellmarch begins.
  • The Third Hellmarch begins.
  • Second Siege of Haven.
  • Siege of Southbridge.
  • Detonation of Academy Prima's Storage vault leading to destruction of the labs
  • Attack on Blackrock.
  • Koroth Na uses the Obliterata to end the world.


The sole continent available to players was an un-named landmass, that was known of by the various kingdoms and rulers of the races. Many more continents and other landmasses existed, which were home to the Empire and other powerful factions.

To the north, the icy wastes stretched. Here, the Dwarves made their first home and the multitude of smaller mountains often became mining outposts.

In the east, the ice quickly turned into swamp lands. Scores of islands were dotted around an area of the sea, some hosting strange flora, others becoming home to terrifying beasts. The Kobolds made their home here.

In the west, grasslands and forests merged into a lush countryside, the Elves made their home in the south-western corner of the continent, growing their forest paradise.

The middle section of the continent held the sole desert of the world; a relatively small stretch of sand that became the home of a few stragglers from various backgrounds.

The Iron Mountains dominated the southern part of the world; a large, plateauing section of stone that was rich in coal and iron, hence the name. The Humans would come to rely on this source of iron to arm their soldiers and, on occasion, the Dwarves would venture down there in force, to bolster their supplies with the easily found ores. The Human town of Southbridge was nestled at the southern end of the mountain range.

Locations Of Interest

Capital Cities

Settlements And Outposts

  • Gottsgrimm - a small outpost dug into the side of the Iron Mountains.
  • Iron Harbour - an attempt at a utopia where all could live in peace.
  • Akademy Prima - a monastery in the Iron Mountains, home to some of the greatest minds in the world.
  • Fort Isor - a small castle in the frozen wastes.
  • Fort West - a Human fortress, built to stop an undead incursion.
  • Goldencross - home of the Five.
  • Avalon, an underwater city, constructed by a traitorous Elf.

Other Locations

  • Iron Mountains - a vast mountain range, rich in iron and coal.

World Powers

Although they did not mechanically exist in-game, the larger world powers were the reason for players colonising the continent and they would have a pivotal role in the story of the world.

  • Bernassi Empire - the major Human power in the world.
  • Obsidianbeard Dynasty - the ruling Kingdom of the Dwarven race.