"A short-lived world which took place in a harsh, barren desert landscape."
~on DFRP World 9.

World Summary

In the harsh, blasted world know as Valyar, the four races arrive in this place to claw out a meager existence.

The landscape is dotted with crags, volcanoes and lairs home to deadly beasts. The shifting sands at the edge of the map are home to an even greater threat.

This world also saw the introduction of a modpack to the server.


  • Asnicat is destroyed by Stonerot, forcing the Dwarves upwards.
  • Human migrants, after a string of disasters, find a suitable location for their new settlement.
  • The three races found their settlements.


Little was known of the world of Valyar, other than the barren wasteland within it. Water was incredibly scarce and the land was pockmarked with valleys and canyons. Vast sandy dunes rose up out of the ground, monolithic sandstone mountains stood, barring travellers entry and giant pools of lava stretched over blackened and charred tracts of land.

At the edges of the possible habitable areas, a desert stretched onwards, past the sight of mortals. It is unknown whether there was anything past this desert, or simply just unending sand.

Locations Of Interest

Capital Cities

Other Locations

  • Asnicat - a Dwarven city deep underground.

World Powers

No world powers were known of in this world, mostly due to the 'youth' of the races.

Download Link

A lot of previous maps have been lost to time, however, this world was one where a save file was found. Click the link below to download it and explore this past world!

Download World 9.

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